About Deri:

Name: Tsurune Deri (弦音デリ).
CV: Akarisae.
Gender: Female.
Age: 15.
Race: Human/Bird.
Weight: 40 kg.
Height: 158 cm.
Bust: 75 cm.

Vocal range: F3~C#5

Likes: Peanuts, trees, fly, Oliver's hat.
Dislikes: Snakes, rain.
Stuff: Peanut butter.
Interests: Fukase. 

Item: Peanut.

Favorite instrument: Tambourine.

Favorite flower: Diphylleia Grayi.




● Her wings can get a small size.

● She can play the drums, the guitar and the melodica.

● She eats worms when she has too much hungry and there aren't food.

● She can reach 350,00 km/h flying.